• YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Alibaug, India
  • CATEGORY : Residential

Plantation Retreat in Alibag

Building a large house on a sea facing hillside in Mumbai is both exciting and daunting. On one hand the prospect of a panoramic ocean view is thrilling. On the other hand it undoubtedly adds to the growing clutter of self important villas in these, what not so long ago were uninhabited, natural, landscapes.

Rather than fighting its presence however, the plantation retreat in Alibag emphasises on the profile of the built from. It is not much unlike the Portuguese chapels scattered around the rolling hills of nearby coastal Goa. These chapels in their pure white brilliance do not shy away from their existence with their characteristic axial orientation and dominant silhouette. Similarly, this retreat attempts to lend a comfortable scale to it’s surrounding landscape.



Two staggered linear pavilion-like structures, directed towards the view, define the character of the house. The pavilions are made of white “Dhrangadhra” limestone walls. White painted timber shutters shade the deep recessed steel framed windows. They are strong manifestations that act as long spatial telescopes, bringing the distant sea views seemingly closer by.



The house finds alternative ways to settle in the landscape. Half of the rooms are buried inside a solid “hook” shaped stone plinth. This stone base acts as a retaining wall. At the same time it supports a vegetated green roof terrace. At the lower level it forms a semi open courtyard. This orients towards the view and provides a sense of protection. Interstitial landscape elements such as a series of stepped down plinths and platforms reverberate the architectural intervention down along the slope. A curved infinity pool wraps around the covered outdoor lounge and living spaces. The sinuous lines echoes the shoreline a few kilometres away.

Project Data

Project Name

Saral Plantation Retreat





Sustainability, Context, Solar Energy, Typology


Under Construction


1800 sq.m.


Plantation retreat

The Plantation Retreat under construction in alibaug

The Plantation Retreat under construction

Animated Sectional Plans of Plantation Retreat Alibaug


Section Drawing AA of Plantation Retreat Alibaug

AA Section

Section Drawing CC of Plantation Retreat Alibaug

CC Section

Section Drawing BB of Plantation Retreat Alibaug

BB Section

Animated GIF Phyisical Model of Plantation Retreat alibaug


Approach of Entrance of Plantation Retreat in alibaug

The arrival leads to a blank entrance facade. The doorway reveals only a glimpse of what is beyond.

Exterior View of Plantation Retreat in alibaug
Living Room - Plantation Retreat
Bedroom - Plantation Retreat

Under Construction

The Plantation Retreat under construction in alibaug

View of the bay on the top of the site.

The Plantation Retreat under construction in alibaug

Generous steps lead from the master bedroom into the landscape below.

The Plantation Retreat under construction in alibaug

Erection of steel trusses of the living room.

The Plantation Retreat under construction in alibaug