When Is Space? Exhibition at JKK, Jaipur

When is Space? exhibition jaipur
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an Exhibition on Contemporary Architecture in India

Curated by Rupali Gupte & Prasad Shetty
a project commissioned by Jawahar Kala Kendra

‘When is Space?’ discusses contemporary architecture and space-making practices in India. The historic city of Jaipur established by the astronomer-king Sawai Jai Singh and the Jawahar Kala Kendra, one of the most significant buildings of Charles Correa, provide an apt context for this exhibition. A large part of contemporary space-making practices appears to be structured around three imperatives. Firstly it looks at computational and mathematical logics that are aided through a variety of devices including digital media. Secondly it uncovers environmental and cultural responsiveness that manifest as new building typologies. And thirdly it researches concerns regarding city and public producing urbanistic practices of research and advocacy. These imperatives were also central to the pursuits of Jai Singh and Charles Correa.

The obsessions with the astronomical mathematics, the desire to reinvent building types, and the aspiration to create a just and sustainable city are dominant in the ambitions of both individuals. The exhibition has a conceptual ambition of tying together the visions of Sawai Jai Singh, the ideas of Charles Correa and the concerns of contemporary space-making practices.


Through various media, the exhibition of Architecture BRIO interrogates how landscape is transformed by intrusions or markings, while architecture gives way for landscape. Landscape photography explores the object as the transformation of the typology of a pavilion, on one extreme as a cavernous typology, on the other as a seemingly estranged object. Physical models explore the different modes of operandi employed to respond to various geographies.

Figure Ground drawings emphasise, rather than on functional programmatic considerations, on spatial experiential qualities that are universal. But mores they also attempt to magnify the specific immediate character of its context. An installation is a hybrid of the former two. It is a three dimensional “Nolli” object that straddles between the volumetric abstraction of space and its relation to both geography and experiential sequencing.

For more information on the exhibition read: When Seher Shah met Architecture BRIO at ‘When is Space?’

JKK Exhibition, Jaipur