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Architecture Asia Magazine Cover with Riparian House
  • Date : First Quarter 2017 | In Perfect Harmony
  • Featured Project :

Architecture Asia Magazine – In Perfect Harmony, the Riparian House


Earth, Water, Wind and Fire are the classical elements of the universe. They are commonly known in both the western and eastern cultures. In certain cultures, there is also the additional fifth elements – aether or void. These are indeed the basic elements in the making of architecture as well. This year, Architecture Asia sets out in search of architecture that celebrates these basic elements, explicitly or otherwise. The magazine kicks of the first issue with the theme Earth and Water. It explores buildings in Asia that have incorporated earth and water elements with architecture in innovative ways.

Perched on a hilly terrain along the river, the Riparian House is snugly tucked away in the hillocks of the Western Ghats. An earthen retreat for nature enthusiasts, its rustic architecture is unobtrusive and embraces the beauty of the nature that surrounds it.