Architecture BRIO has been involved in the interior design of several high end residential apartments. Our interior design services include complete solutions from architectural space planning to the softer touches that go into making a home.

Our residential interiors aim to enhance and add value to the home owners life. In order to achieve this, we first visualise with our clients how they live. But perhaps more importantly we imagine, with them, what different possibilities their new abode could offer. Hereafter, through thorough planning, we derive at a suitable space plan that opens up these possibilities of living.

In interior design, the initial planning and selection process is equally, if not more important than the construction process. An extensive design and planning stage facilitates a control over project budgets. Furthermore it allows the execution process to follow uninterruptedly. With a thorough integration of services such as lighting, air conditioning and home automation, the homes become a seamless extension to everyday life.

In compact spaces, we aim to create impactful spaces that can do more than one thing. Spaces should have the ability to hide the daily clutter for a serene ambience, but they should also be able to accommodate multiple activities simultaneously. Bespoke built in furniture pieces in open living concepts accommodate a variety of different functions that can open up when needed.

In more generous apartments, we revel in the challenge to develop a rich spatial experience. A more compartmentalised series of rooms has the opportunity to create unique and diverse interiors that reflect the lives of those who live in them. At the same time, a choreography of movement builds up an experiential quality of anticipation that tie the interiors together.

We believe in using good quality materials, whether they are of high value or of humble origin. We prefer using solid materials that can be crafted and sculpted. Good quality hardware makes the operation of everyday items seamless. Finishes should age well and add character to the home over time. These are all important to our design ideology and aesthetic sensibility.

treehouse villa open to sky bathroom

Tala Treehouse Villa

The Treehouse Villa perches on the cliff of a 160 acre hilltop ‘treesort’ property surrounded by a meandering river landscape. The idyllic setting in Tala on the West coast of India, is a stone’s throw away from the Kuda caves. The Treehouse Villa is conceived as a celebration of this forested tropical setting with one main voluminous glazed space below a dominating thatched roof.

living room with cement floor and staircase

Urban Green Home

The double height courtyard greets you when you enter the Urban Green Home. The variations in shades, textures and tones intersperse with a tall fiddle leaf fig plant in the central space. the common areas of the lower level of the urban green home as a more fluid space. Spaces extend into each other visually. without revealing each space completely at first glance.

living room kitchen in apartment interior bandra mumbai

Casa Brio – Apartment

Bandra was once a leafy suburb of Mumbai city. In recent times it has become a vibrant yet highly dense neighbourhood, symptomatic of the crunching space in Indian metropolises. As a result, the floor space of an average household gets more and more constrained and precious. This increasing problem has been ingeniously addressed in a 7th floor apartment in Bandra.

spiral dollhouse staircase

Spiral Dollhouse

The Spiral Dollhouse is a hybrid between a 1/6 scale version of an imaginary house, an architectural model, and a barbie doll diorama. You can view the three storied house and play with it from all four sides. The rooms are organised in a spiral and turn around the central core. Voids in the floors and openings in the core encourage interaction and play in between the rooms, vertically, horizontally and diagonally.


Duplex Apartment DNNW

Increasingly disheartened by the vanishing views and light the client used to have from their hilltop bungalow in south Mumbai, they opted for a dramatic lifestyle change. They moved into a duplex apartment on one of the top floors of the 60 storey luxury apartment building that hovered above their bungalow. This would allow them to once again enjoy the dramatic views over the Arabian Sea.