At the start of our careers we have worked on several hospitality design projects in Sri Lanka. Therefore, this has influenced the approach and stand we take in the design of these. We believe in looking for unconventional solutions that go beyond the norm. It is essential to push the boundaries in hospitality design in order to create memorable experiences that refresh the body and mind.

Design of hotels or boutique home-stays requires an equal measure of efficiency to make experiences seamless and enjoyable. Together with an experienced group of consultants we ensure that these projects are thorough in their planning and expertise. Combining functionality and creativity is the key to our approach to hospitality design.

By using natural materials, alternative construction methods, sustainable technologies, we push the boundaries of hospitality design to create meaningful experiences between the user and building.

Bouillon nature retreat visualization.

Bouillon Nature Retreat

This nature retreat located in the heart of the Ardennes forests in the south of Belgium reflects the combination of local heritage and contemporary architecture. Four storey stone tower provides unique experience and magnificent views towards surrounding nature.

Himalayan Mountain Home verandah

Himalayan Mountain Home

The Mountain Home is located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. A boomerang shaped structure hugs the contour on the upper level. One pavilion faces the view of a nearby reserved forest. Another settles in the middle of a pear and peach orchard. The ensemble of structures act as an extensive photographic device, capturing the constantly changing dynamics of the Himalayan mountainscape.

treehouse villa open to sky bathroom

Tala Treehouse Villa

The Treehouse Villa perches on the cliff of a 160 acre hilltop ‘treesort’ property surrounded by a meandering river landscape. The idyllic setting in Tala on the West coast of India, is a stone’s throw away from the Kuda caves. The Treehouse Villa is conceived as a celebration of this forested tropical setting with one main voluminous glazed space below a dominating thatched roof.

Forest Eco Resort on waterfront in Andhra Pradesh

Forest Eco Resort

The Vanavihari Eco Resorts are a commendable initiative undertaken by the Andhra Pradesh government. aimed at spreading awareness of the natural environment among travellers. The forest cabins will be located within the natural forest. Since the scenic streams and ponds at the forest reserves attract arboreal and bird wildlife, they make for ideal locations for forest cabins as observatories.

curved stone wall and swimming pool in Dharamshala

Dharamshala Yoga Retreat

The yoga retreat is conceptualised as an extrusion of its terraced Himalayan landscape. One could imagine that an incidental geological formation pushed up a section of the terraces in the shape of a malformed asymmetrical three winged boomerang. Underneath, above and between the ground plane and the roof, the yoga retreat is a device to experience the landscape in diverse ways.

Roofscape Himalayan cabin

the MiCabin

The Himalayan cabin is situated on top of a mountain and frames great views of the Himalayan chains on its north side, while displaying incredible views of the Mukteshwar Valley on its south. The cabin is a cantilever Y shape building and holds all the necessary facilities for a mountain rustic experience. It is self sufficient in terms of water and electricity, thanks to solar panels and rainwater collection.

exterior pond from massage pavilion Waikiki Wetland Resort

Waikiki Wetland Resort

The Wetland Resort in Vengurla aims to revitalise the ecosystem of the site by creating a waterscape with interconnected ponds and waterbodies. Five proposed waterbodies accommodate 16 holiday homes and a boat house. The homes are clustered as stilted pavilions; sometimes on the land and sometimes on water.

cave homes alibaug hidden in forest

Cave Homes at Tala

Forest Hills is a quiet picturesque retreat tucked away amidst dense foliage and trees, perching high on top of a mountain overlooking an estuary. Here, 8 underground “cave homes” will be carved into the mountain top. These underground dwellings focus like telescopes to the surrounding views. A staircase gently slopes, as an earth block sculpture, from the plateau in the direction of the homes beneath.

Mandwa Resort - Guest Bedroom and Courtyard

Mandwa Resort & Wellness Centre

The Mandwa Health Resort is envisioned as a three-dimensionally embossed landscape. It is an architecture of enclosure, where walls define exterior spaces. Guests retreat in private undisturbed courtyard rooms. With ivy spread across the compressed earth walls and water bodies reflecting the sky, the guest rooms extend into the natural environment.