Baumhaeuser – Architektur in den Wäldern

Baumhaeuser - Architektur in den Wäldern - book cover
  • Date : July 2019 | Tala Treehouse Villa
  • Featured Project : Tala Treehouse Villa

Baumhaeuser, Architektur in den Wäldern – Tala Treehouse VillaPrestel


Life in the tree tops

When childhood dreams come true: 40 individual tree houses from all over the world.

There are many ways to escape from everyday life. Particularly attractive is the tree house. Here you can realize your childhood dreams. But you can also find in connection with nature, the perfect retreat. Sleeping in the treetops under the starry sky or floating above the ground gives your thoughts free rein, which exerts a great fascination. Whether comfortable in a tree house hotel or spartan in a simple hut, whether built by yourself or designed by the architect – nothing is impossible. Baumhaeuser is a book to dream about life in the tree tops!

The German publication features the Tala Treehouse Villa designed by Architecture BRIO. The villa is conceived around an old Garuga fruit tree that weaves through a large open to sky bathroom deck. Branches spread across the outdoor bathroom before exiting through multiple circular openings in the enclosure. The bathroom enclosure is crafted out of vertical timber slats filled in with mirrored panels that reflect the surrounding forest.