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Courtyard Living - Contemporary Houses of the Asia-Pacific Publication Cover
  • Date : September 2019 | the Riparian House
  • Featured Project : Riparian House

Courtyard Living – the Riparian House, – Thames and Hudson

by Charmaine Chan


Courtyards have long played an important function in residential design. They are essential to regulate light, shade determine the use of space. With thousands of years of tradition as inspiration, contemporary architects are realizing courtyard living afresh. This lavish publication therefore surveys 25 residences homes from across the Asia-Pacific region. Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, India, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

The book consists of five chapters, structured by courtyard function. Privacy, multigenerational living, sightlines, light and ventilation, and living with nature. Furthermore it illustrates these projects with photography as well as architectural illustrations. These drawings show the courtyard positions and their relationship with the other rooms within floor plans. Contemporary courtyard design offers unique lifestyle opportunities. This is therefore an inspirational resource for anyone interested in indoor-outdoor living.


excerpt from the book:


the Riparian House by Architecture BRIO

“Courtyard houses as far back as antiquity have served modest home owners well in their ability to present blank facades to the world. The Riparian House went several steps further in humility. Instead of shouting out its presence high above a hillock, the building partially buries itself. Therefore, approaching it from behind, you might find yourself walking over the roof before realising what’s underfoot. “Now we are stepping on the living room,” says architect Robert Verrijt, as we make our way across a level grassy expanse towards the river that gives the house its name. …

….To make the most of the view, a deep wooden deck segues from the sitting area below. Lower down, the slope is terraced to accommodate a swimming pool. Clamber up to the verdant patch of the roof, and you feel part of the landscape. Disappear beneath the grass, earth and concrete slab and you are part of the land. The courtyards, cut from the terrain, elevate this humble home. Consequently their benefits don’t take long to sink in.”