Building Site Enschede

Building Site Enschede - A city recreates itself - book cover
  • Date : June 2007 | Triade, Enschede
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Building Site Enschede – A city recreates itself – Europan Triade Housing Complex Project


The Roombeek quarter in Enschede, ravaged by a fireworks explosion in 2000, has evolved into a dynamic building site of 400,000 mÝsuperscript 2¨. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, initiatives have been developed and construction plans are gaining momentum.
Enschede – at 150,000 inhabitants the largest city in the east of the Netherlands and the country’s tenth-largest city – falls in the category of ‘unknown and unloved’. Throughout the city, in the most unexpected places, pearls of architecture and gorgeous urban landscapes are waiting to be discovered.
In more than 40 photographs, Theo Baart presents the urban and landscape qualities of Enschede – from pastoral twente landscapes of the Enschede of today are combined with plans for the Enschede of tomorrow, including the Europan Triade project. Municipal urban planner’, Ton Schaap places the building projects in a board context and highlights ten projects that will be implemented in the next several years.