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Pastoral Oasis

Story by Adele Chong Exuding practicality and a modern outlook, this low-maintenance weekend home in india celebrates its rustic surroundings by artfully embracing the landscape....
"Situated in a coastal town a short distance from Mumbai, this property designed by local firm Architecture BRIO showcases the modern holiday home. It is neither a palatial home-away-from-home or a low- menity escape from urban chaos. Instead it is a simple, well-appointed retreat that celebrates its isolated location.... ...The guest room is a sanctuary in itself. Wrapped around an existing tree, the space houses a Zen courtyard with the backdrop of a dining area and stream. A central high-ceilinged kitchen space is fitted with a generous skylight. The architects established the kitchen early on as the house's heart, as a tribute to the owners' love of cooking. Entry into the dynamic sequence of spaces comes via a spartan arrival path. It meanders discreetly into a pergola, nestling the pool and connected dining area in the process."