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Tala Treehouse Villa

Perched on a hill in Tala, a small town in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, the Tree House doesn’t look one bit out of place in its surroundings. Its facade of glass and mirrored panels reflects whimsical leaf patterns. At the same time thick branches appear to be casually entering and exiting parts of the house. To a passer-by it may almost seem as if it sprouted from the earth. Just like the lush foliage that envelopes it. But architects and partners Robert Verrijt and Shefali Balwani of Mumbai based Architecture BRIO, who designed the stunning villa, will assure you that it wasn’t that simple.
The pair had to undertake an uphill hike to access the remote site. After a long journey they reached a landscape with a meandering river landscape serving as a scenic backdrop. Here, they found that they had to build around an already existing framework. Once work began, almost a year was spent converting the 2,500 sq ft space into a warm weekend home. They perfected every little aspect of the carpentry intensive project. Now, the two storeyed structure gleams with pride as one of the finest among its sister bungalows at Forest Hills, Tala. The creative duo tells us more about the dreamy resort they crafted.