Green Building Magazine Taiwan - Etania School   billionBricks is proud to be featured in the 59th issue of Green Building, Taiwan. In this release, we present Etania Green School. The Etania schools are learning centres for their children, who have no access to education until a school begins for them.

Sustainable Features

The school building stands on a riverside site that has a history of devastating flooding. Therefore, like much of Borneo’s vernacular architecture, the school rests on top of decommissioned building containers. This prevents the classrooms from flooding. Additionally the ground floor space between the containers are sitting areas. Kids gravitate towards here during their breaks. The building is oriented in an east-west direction. Therefore it minimises heat gain from the sun. Furthermore it captures a natural air draft from the river. The structure of the classrooms on the upper floor use recycled timber sourced cost-effectively from a local construction company. The roof consists of insulated galvanised-iron sheets. Solar panels provide the electricity, and the roof catches enough rain for all water needs.