Guerrilla Tactics Make Space Welcoming to All - Carter Road Skatepark

Small intervention, Big impact is the motto with BMC's newest budget allocation to 'Tactical Urbanism'. Tactical urbanism focuses on a This bottom-up, participatory approach coupled with strategic, "Guerrilla" interventions, allowing citizens to provide solutions in first person, reimagining public space to be more adaptable and inclusive.

Lively Neighbourhoods

The Carter Road Skatepark was ArchitectureBRIO's take on creating a focal point of interaction on a tight budget. The project created a safe and playful space for adults and children, privileged and unprivileged alike, to make use of their city through the act of play, bridging social gaps.

Suggesting a Different Approach

Earlier in March 2022, a group of well-known architecture practices in Mumbai signed a letter to suggest modifications to the current plans for the redevelopment of the Coastal Road. Above improving the design greatly, the group (including members of the Bandra Collective) suggested to move the project to the seaside, as opposed to remaining within the city, opening up the waterfront to all citizens.