50 Amazing Homes in India

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  • Date : March 2015 | The Riparian House
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50 Amazing Homes in India, Skyboard Media, House on a stream

“At Skyboard, we want to be the default platform for the world to discover beautiful Indian buildings and the creators behind them.”

“What you have in your hand is not just a 400+ page book, showcasing 50 homes in India, but India’s first interactive coffee table book ! Nobody has ever attempted this before, and we are glad to head start this new initiative.”


House on a Stream

Though seasonal, the stream bed allows for an interesting landscape feature throughout the year. The house settles in the spirit of ‘falling water’, designed to work with the stream, rather than viewing it from a distance. The house reaches out into the landscape making full use of the views within the site. More so it dramatises special moments: a beautiful tree, a view of the mountains beyond or the cascading stream during the monsoon rains.