Merit List 2015-2016

the merit list
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The House on a Stream makes it to the Merit List 2015/16. The Merit List is an initiative by Matter. It recognizes projects of critical relevance in the context of contemporary Indian architecture.

The Jury of the Merit List comment in the Citation Note:

“The weekend residence project by Architecture BRIO is a unique example of how sophisticated architectural language that uses well-crafted and bold sculptural forms becomes instrumental in creating a genuine dialogue with the site and the natural setting in which it is located. For this private residence, the architecture of the project is informed by the site and the resultant work has considerable emphasis on the way it is situated.

This seamless integration with the landscape is combined with restrained use of space and material as the strength of the original idea in this case is not diminished by an often messy construction process. The architects present a deep understanding of the process of making. While there is great attention to elemental details, there is no compromise on the eloquence of the scheme.

Although the palette of materials is familiar and follows a safe, contemporary ‘template’, there is finesse in the efficacy, execution and integrity in the sculptural forms that represent boulders on the river-bed. The concrete shells create interesting spatial compositions from within and the openings frame parts of architecture and landscape that prompts the user to experience the site to its greatest potential.

The architects devote great effort and control on the juxtaposition of the architecture and landscape and therefore, the House on a Stream in Alibaug by Architecture BRIO is a Citation Project in The Merit List.”