Front elevation of Refurbishment of Bungalow in Alibag

House in the Palms

Built within a beautiful palm plantation, the 30-year old humble structure with four thick walls and small windows seemed unresponsive towards its context. The refurbishment of the house starts with a new imagination of the space, one that is permeable, and pertinent to the surroundings. By reducing the house down to the structure and removing internal walls, the house starts to breath and gets a new life.

Skylight with White Polished Cement Walls and Steel Railing

House in a Beach Garden

The House in a Beach Garden used to be segregated from its seafront by a tall boundary wall, It separated the property both physically and visually from the much coveted coastline of the Mumbai bay. A missed opportunity. Therefore the first and most important intervention was to lift the garden up 5 feet above the existing level, such that the house, the garden and the top of the boundary wall, were all aligned in one level.