• YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : Latur, India
  • CATEGORY : Institutional

Administration Building - Twenty One Sugar Factory

Sugarcane has emerged as one of the major agricultural crops in the district of Latur, a region located in the heartland of the Indian subcontinent. In order to keep up with the increased production in the region, a new factory is currently under construction to process the sugarcane into sugar crystals. The new facility will have a capacity to process 7500 Tons of Cane per day. Interestingly, apart from producing sugar, sugar factories also produce molasses, alcohol and generate electricity.

In order to operate this complex production process smoothly, an administration and facilities centre is required near the factory. A large sawtooth roof of 94m x 34m acts as the entrance gate to the factory. Solar photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 500 kW electricity, cover both sides of the roof slopes. The entrance to the factory aligns with the main axis of the factory.

The roof acts as a canopy and frame referencing the silhouette of the factory. On the right side, a two storey building accommodates the reception and all administrative functions. On the left side it houses a canteen, changing rooms and recreational facilitates for the factory workers as well as administrative staff.


Climate Form

Although the winters in Latur are comfortable, the summers tend to get unbearably hot. Maximum temperatures often cross 35 degrees. Therefore the administrative building is half buried underground to reduce the heating load. Several courtyards bring light to the centre of the building and induce natural ventilation in the common areas of the office, reducing the requirement of artificial cooling further.

The zigzag roof cantilevers generously, reaching out into the landscape and connecting the building with its surrounding environment. Additionally the wrap around colonnade generates much required shade.


Material Palette

The skeleton of the administration building will be made of a prefabricated steel framework in line with the construction method of the factory. Standardised building elements will reduce the complexity and result into a cost efficient project. A synergy in material, detailing and roof typology evokes a common language amongst the facility building and the factory.

However with the material palette of natural, humble infill materials, this building will have a more sensual and elegant quality. While main steel framework is coloured in a barn red, the secondary steel members are painted black. On the exterior, aluminium corrugated sheets form the infill wall panels. In the interiors the walls are either made of glass or of white painted panels. A semi-glossy marble chip terrazzo floor in a neutral cream colour ties the material palette together.

Project Data

Project Name

Administration Building


Latur, India




Prefabrication, Sustainability, Context


In Progress

Design Team

Robert Verrijt + Shefali Balwani + Denver Pereira + Harsh Soneji

Landscape Design: Ajali Jain – SharedGround


3,900 sq.m.


reception, canteen, recreational activities, office spaces

Administration Building Sugar Entrance Drive Way Landscape

Approach Road to the Sugar Factory Complex

Entrance of Administration Building in Latur, India

Entrance of Administration Building

Colonnade of Administration Building in Latur, India

A colonnade shades the facade of the Administration Building

Courtyard under Industrial roof of Administration Building in Latur, India

An industrial sawtooth roof cover the upper floor of the administration building.

Courtyard in Administration Building in Latur, India

In the half buried lower floor, courtyards provide light and ventilation to the office spaces

Administration Building Sugar Cane Factory Landscape Design

Landscape Garden in the Sugar Factory Compound

Administration Building Sugar Cane Yard

Trucks line up at the Cane Yard before unloading their load in the crusher

Sugar Factory Cane Chopper Drum
Sugar Can Factory Equipment
Sugar Factory Chopped Cane


Lower Floor Plan of Administration Building in Latur, India

Ground Floor Plan: Within a stringent grid, a relaxed asymmetry in the floor plan generates interest and complexity.

Upper Floor Plan of Administration Building in Latur, India

First Floor Plan

Elevation of Administration Building in Latur, India

Section AA

Section AA of Administration Building in Latur, India