• YEAR : 2014
  • LOCATION : Mumbai, India
  • CATEGORY : Residential

Spiral Dollhouse

The Spiral Dollhouse is a hybrid between a 1/6 scale version of an imaginary house, an architectural model, and a barbie doll diorama. You can view the three storied house and play with it from all four sides.

The house is made in a 1/6 scale, like that of a Barbie doll. However because it the house has actually been designed for Barbie dolls, the proportions had to be tweaked. The plan and the elevation  are treated differently. In comparison with the height, the width and length are relatively narrow at a scale of about 1/13. Those dimensions are based on the slim, elongated figure of a Barbie doll, whose waist is only 45 per cent of that of an average woman.

The materials of the house are birch ply, teak wood, rose wood, acrylic and brass. The light fittings and furniture such as the tables, beds, kitchen, vanity, stools and a swing including working miniature switches, were custom made.

A central cross shaped core defines the dollhouse structurally. The double wall hide the electrical conduits. Openings in the walls of the main cruciform create visual openings between rooms. The walls hold pocket doors that slide open and closed. Some doors are opaque. Others are made of translucent rice paper or timber slats that let light shine through. It was really important to consider the hand that would enter the little house to move the doll around.



The rooms are organised in a spiral. They turn around the central core, starting with a garage for the mini Cooper. The route ends with a roof top pool terrace, creating a narrative for play. Voids in the floors and openings in the core encourage interaction and play in between the rooms, vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

The house is conceived as an architectural project. While it is slightly less complex, the process and discussions with the makes have been like those for a real building.

Project Data

Project Name

Spiral Dollhouse


Mumbai, India




Interior, Product Design


Innovation, Art, Spatial Experience, Light, Transparency




Spiral Dollhouse Exterior

Pool terrace on top of the dollhouse

dollhouse steps and landing detail

The library is built into the staircase

parking garage dollhouse

the parking garage

dollhouse steps bookshelf piano

the staircase from the entry to the piano nobile

kids room looking into bathroom dollhouse
kitchen island dollhouse


dining table dollhouse

the dining room

living room looking into bedroom dollhouse
living room looking into dining room doll house

The living room is equipped with a working television.

bedroom looking into kids room dollhouse
bedroom and four poster bed dollhouse

bedroom with four poster bed

dollhouse design pool

The baby room enjoys a view of the glass floor pool above.

Spiral Dollhouse bedroom
kids room dollhouse
spiral dollhouse staircase
bathroom spiral dollhouse
bathroom spiral dollhouse
roof terrace spiral dollhouse

outdoor terrace

Section of Spiral Dollhouse
Section of Spiral Dollhouse


Spiral Dollhouse Exterior
Spiral Dollhouse Exterior
Spiral Dollhouse Exterior
Spiral Dollhouse Exterior