A view towards the historic town of Bouillon.

Architecture BRIO designs a house in a Belgian forest!

Exciting design work begins for a nature retreat in Belgium! A cozy getaway set amidst Ardennes’ forests, located near the historic town of Bouillon.


The Ray on the cover of Post Magazine, Hong Kong

Nestled in the breathtaking coastal town of Alibag, The Ray takes center stage in the latest edition of The South China Morning Post’s Sunday culture magazine, “Post Magazine.” With its timeless elegance, “The Ray” embodies the perfect blend of natural luxury and serenity.

site for a home in Switzerland

Architecture BRIO designs a village home in Switzerland

We have always challenged ourselves by exposing ourselves in our work to different environments, climates and cultures. This makes our handwriting agile and makes us rethink our own conventions. It nurtures our exposure to different possibilities and evolves our way of thinking and designing. The design process for this family home for a professional and her son in the Swiss Mountains is in full swing.

cover of Contemporary House in Nature: Elemental Living by Phaidon Publishers

Elemental Living – Contemporary Houses in Nature

The publication Elemental Living – Contemporary Houses in Nature highlights the shifting relationship between architecture and the natural world. Landscape is here the inspiration for architecture. Each of the 60 contemporary houses have been designed to embed themselves in, perch on, sweep across or nestle within the natural world. They all demonstrate a deep understanding of its context, but more so, they demonstrate their ability to create unique living spaces that connect their residents with the mountains, lakes, deserts, forests and oceans that they inhabit. The two houses in India designed by Architecture BRIO interact with the natural environment in very different ways….

Homes for Our Time - Taschen publication cover

ARCHITECTURE BRIO in Taschen’s Homes For Our Time

Philip Jodidio features Architecture BRIO’s Riparian House in his latest publication with Taschen called “Homes for our Time”. The publication is organized by architect and brimming with crisp photography and plans. The result is a sweeping survey of the contemporary house.

World's Most Extraordinary Homes India

The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes – India S2E6

The ‘Riparian House’ was recently visited by Caroline and Piers who exclaimed in the India episode S02E06 of ‘The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes’: “this house is like Marry Poppins, it’s practically perfect in every way”

Konchur sustainable model village

Konchur Sustainable Model Village

BillionBricks and Architecture BRIO envision to empower Konchur (Karnataka) to turn into a Sustainable Model Village (Adarsh Gram) for New India by initiating strategic interventions and investments that are self scalable by the community. In the present day scenario, a large number of people are migrating from the village to the nearby cities in search of work, livelihood and a better quality of life. But what if this scenario is reversed in the coming years?

Architecture of the Year Award - Riparian House

26th Architect of the Year Award 2016

Architecture BRIO was honoured to receive the 26th Architect of the Year Award from Dr K Radhakrishnan, Ex Chairman ISRO. The “Riparian House” won in the residential category. The JK Architect of the Year Award is India’s longest running architecture award.

AD 50 list of influential designers in india

AD50 – the 50 Most Influential Designers in India – 2016

Architecture BRIO features for the second year in the AD50. The AD50 is an endeavor to spotlight the best in residential design across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Curated by Balkrishna Doshi and India Mahdavi, the list focuses on firms whose projects represent the power of architecture to transcend functionality, create enduring spaces for its inhabitants and define new idioms for the cities in which they are located.

amazing homes cover

50 Amazing Homes in India

India’s first interactive architectural book, ’50 Amazing Homes in India’ is now available for booking. The book features the 50 best residential projects with the videos of India’s finest architects and is curated by Ar. Christopher Charles Benninger

Domus India publication

Domus ‘covers’ the Learning Pavilion

The Children of Magic Bus climbing the Laureus Learning Pavilion adorn the latest cover of Domus. The August edition of the architecture magazine features articles on the Magic Bus Learning Pavilion and the House on a Stream.

camac street residential tower apartments

Camac Residential Tower

The Camac Residential Tower is a proposal for a residential tower located in the heart of Calcutta. The structural system is designed such that the floor plans are column free, making the structure more durable. Even though the purist exposed structure responds to the rationality of the surrounding tropical modernist towers, the variety in the verandah and glass elements mark a vibrant city on the move.

Forest Home Temenos

Forest Home Temenos

The forest home in Kodaikanal takes inspiration from the idea of Temenos. The ancient Greek word translates as “a piece of land marked off from common uses and dedicated to a god”. It is intended to be a sanctuary, which once completed, it will be the permanent residence of two creative professionals located on the edge of a rocky outcrop within a dense forest area.

bamboo architecture dormitory

Magic Bus Staff Dormitory

A combination of natural and local materials with innovative technologies and materials used in this dormitory for the staff at the Magic Bus Campus portrays a new construction idiom – an expression of contemporary sustainable architecture. A unique structural cage of bamboo columns wraps around the dormitory, creating a dialogue between the interior and the dramatically changing landscape.

House by a River update

House by a River

The site of this weekend house is steeply sloping with a 1:4 gradient. To the north of the plot runs a river in the east – west direction. The site slopes down towards the river. Taking advantage of the flattened plateau at the highest point of the site the house is positioned such that its roof slab level merges with the level of the plateau. One can therefore walk onto the roof from the top of the land