The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes – India S2E6

World's Most Extraordinary Homes India
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Caroline and Piers from ‘The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes’ recently visited the ‘Riparian House‘. Actress and host, Caroline Quentin exclaimed while she was rowing away into the distance: “this house is like Marry Poppins, it’s practically perfect in every way.”

The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes

The BCC TWO / NETFLIX program did a tour of four homes in India. It includes an airy fortress, a fluid home with origami-like roofs, a new take on a tea plantation house and a “recycled” property. The third home in the episode is the Riparian House by Architecture BRIO. The BCC calls it in their summary of the show “a stunning riverside bolthole”. ‘Riparian’ draws on Indian architectural heritage in an homage to the tea plantation Veranda house. However this house is half buried in the riverbank. The subterranean construction and turf roof defend the house against the monsoon rains and scorching summer heat. But despite Caroline ’embracing her inner badger’, it turns out the house is a light and airy gateway into a rural idyll.”

Architect and host of the show, Piers Taylor was impressed by the simplicity of the home, contemplating: ‘Contemporary architecture has a lot to answer in terms of buildings that seem to be extravagant in terms of how they present themselves to the world. They are often showing off. Contemporary architecture doesn’t deal with quiet and the understated. But this house does.’…
… ‘This house is incredibly modest and simple and calm and straightforward. It’s really refreshing in that way.’

You can watch the episode on BBC2 UK on Sunday 20-05-2018 at 16:00 PM GMT. However if you do not live in the UK or have access to the BBC programming, you can watch the show on Netflix – World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. Do have a look at some of the other stunning houses in the other episodes as well.

The Worlds Most Extraordinary Homes - Architecture BRIO