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Mimo Shirazi
Mimo Shirazi is Business Head at Architecture BRIO and is responsible for managing the Mumbai office.
Rohit Mankar Indian Architect

Rohit Mankar
Rohit Mankar is Associate Partner at Architecture BRIO and Head of Projects with a focus on technical development and the implementation of our projects. Rohit studied architecture from the School of Architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad. He also holds a masters degree in Advanced Architectural Design from the University of Pennsylvania. Rohit has over two decades of experience, and began his career working across hospitality and residential design with WATG in London and in the US.
He was drawn by the opportunity to contribute to the emerging language of modern Indian architecture, drawing deeply from its traditional roots while also evolving to a vernacular modern future and in 2005 he founded Parallax Design Studio, a multidisciplinary design firm based in Mumbai. Over 15 years, his portfolio has included a variety of projects ranging from hospitality and offices to residences and product design. As a specialist in the hospitality space, he has worked with leading hospitality brands like Four Seasons, ITC and Radisson as well as collaborated with international design icons like Philippe Starck.
Rohit is a visiting Faculty member at Kamla Raheja Vidhyanidhi Institute of Architecture, Mumbai since 2018. He has also been a regular part of design juries in various architecture colleges over the years.
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Denver Pereira
Born and brought up in Mumbai, Denver graduated from I.E.S. College of Architecture. Major part of his undergraduate years were invested in the architectural documentation of sites in India recording their tangible and intangible values. Upon graduation, his experiences at Spasm design and Tibet heritage fund, and observations from his travels through rural India have greatly influenced his design process. He is inspired by indigenous building, art & craft knowledge. He joined Architecture BRIO to take another step towards his desire to work with traditional materials and details.
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Kamakshi Shah
Born and raised in Mumbai, Kamakshi completed her Bachelor’s of Architecture from NMIMS, Balwant Sheth School of Architecture. With a fascination to explore a variety of opportunities, Kamakshi has tried her hand at interior design and film set design through internship programs. After completing her thesis on development of Sassoon Docks, she completed her 6 month internship at Architecture BRIO. Thereafter she continued as a junior architect to further her understanding of contextual design and construction details.

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Ninad Naik
Ninad Naik is the visual artist of our office. He has completed his Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects (Plus) from Maya Academy of Advance Cinematic (MAAC) in collaboration with University of Cambridge. He is rigorously skilled with over 10 years of experience in Architectural field, as a 3D Interior and Exterior Visualizer. He has worked with Adid – Architect and Interior Consultant as well as with Architype3D and also as a freelancer. He has joined Architecture Brio to further develop his finishing touches to 3D studio max for more realistic output, using Photoshop.
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Arka Banerjee
Arka graduated from Sir J.J. College Of Architecture, Mumbai in 2015. During his undergraduate years he interned with URBZ and other organizations that address social architecture, thus informing his thesis topic- Revitalization of silk industry in West Bengal. His approach to contextual design is greatly influenced by his experience at Hundredhands, Bangalore and his travels across the country. He has a deep-rooted passion for indigenous architecture and culture with an emphasis on vernacular materials, design and details.
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Tanvi Bhayani
Tanvi graduated from Sinhgad College of Architecture, Pune in 2013. Her thesis on “Neighborhood Centric Urban Bazaars” was a focused approach on bringing in Social, Economic and Building Sustainability into commercial urban zones. Her internship with DSP Design Associates helped her get a foothold on large scale projects. She worked with _Opolis, Mumbai developing her design sensibilities and technical knowledge through her work on award winning residential, healthcare and multidisciplinary projects from concept to execution. She then worked with Total Environment Building Systems, Bangalore where she focused on Hospitality, Workplace and Residential projects. As a Senior Architect at Architecture BRIO with 7 years work experience, she enables design intensive projects whilst constantly exploring and imbibing new knowledge.
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Bhavya Gandhi
Bhavya has developed his sense of design and creativity while studying at the L.S Raheja School of Architecture in Mumbai. His passion in sustainability motivates him to design buildings that tries to connect or repair the system in which they are embedded, because his goal is to craft an approach for a new kind of development, one that is generous, restorative, and net positive. While working with Talati and Panthaky Associates he focused on designing and executing residential developments after which he moved to Singapore to complete his master’s from National University of Singapore. On his return he joined BRIO as a senior architect and sustainability strategist where he is most passionate about building humane habitats in line with sustainable and circular principles.

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Anjali Gopalakrishnan
Anjali is a graduate from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture, Mumbai. She is a history enthusiast and sees built-form as markers to understand human narratives. Through the TU Delft Global housing exchange program, she developed a keen interest in settlement studies. Her thesis, ‘Home (for now)’, based on housing for skilled migrant communities was cited amongst the Top 10 projects and was exhibited at the Guangzhou fine arts academy’s Future exhibit-2020. Having previously worked on residential and institutional projects, she joined Architecture BRIO with an intent to explore varied building construction techniques and material details.
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Reetu Pethani
Reetu studied architecture at the Kamla Raheja Vidhyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies (KRVIA) in Mumbai. During her academia, she has interned at Atto Atelier in Bangalore and aDRG in Mumbai where she worked on architectural and interior- retrofitting projects. After finishing her thesis on slum rehabilitation and mixed income housing in Mumbai, she went on to freelance a housing project at the conceptual level before joining Architecture BRIO. Her inclination towards contextual design, spatial performance and detailing has propelled her to explore themes further in her work at Architecture BRIO.
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Aishwarya Dharmarajan
Aishwarya completed her bachelors in architecture from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies. After completing her thesis on Water Infrastructure as a Public Realm, she established a strong belief in the importance of sustainability and environmental design. This helped her associate herself with practices that acknowledge the relationship between architecture and the natural environment. At Architecture BRIO, she aspires to acquire practical knowledge in sustainability and nature-oriented design.
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Shanmati Rajagopalan
Shanmati was born and raised in Tamil Nadu and did her Bachelors in Architecture from the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. During her internship with atArchitecture, she had the opportunity to work on several international competitions including the UNDP’s Affordable housing in Cambodia which is recognized by UNESCO. Thrilled by the prospect of working with multiple clients and not having to limit her domains to specific geography, she further invested a year after graduation in exploring competitions on various platforms. She joined Architecture BRIO to broaden her realm in hands-on experience and is keen on understanding how a design materialises at a construction site.

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Kavya Shah
Kavya graduated from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai in the city where she grew up. With a passion for sustainable design and exploring natural building materials, she interned at Dharmalaya institute under Didi Contractor’s guidance. She further explored indigenous building, art & craft through her undergraduate thesis Towards a Contemporary Vernacular Architecture in Dholera, Gujarat. Her journey through various experiences at the firms she has worked, and observations from her travels have greatly inspired her to explore the purpose of design in everyday life. She joined Architecture BRIO to take another step to further her interest for detailing and explore the varied use of materials in contextual design.
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Yash Vadher
Yash Vadher Graduated from the School of Environment and Architecture (SEA), Mumbai in 2019. He comes with considerable skills when making things with hands such as drawings, models and other mediums. In some ways, the act of making comes from the ideology he borrowed from SEA. From the early years of his architectural education he has developed a practice of closely looking at everyday things in the city and making constant notes through following up with artists, writers, poets and many similar disciplines which inspired his final year thesis “A Routine of Happiness” which identifies respite spaces across the city of Mumbai. His contextual response through material and craft of building has motivated him to start his career at Architecture BRIO.
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Maitri Uka
Maitri has completed her Masters in Advanced Ecological Building and Biocities from the Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain. It provided her with opportunities to explore the versatility of a natural material like wood and a chance to physically fabricate multiple designs, especially a self-sustainable quarantine cabin, inspired by the pandemic. Experienced to use advanced softwares throughout, she is also well versed with technological processes like 3D photogrammetry, computational design and robotic fabrication. Post her Bachelors at Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, she has also worked at Studio for Environment and Architecture (SE-ARCH). She joined Architecture BRIO to further develop her skills and continue to pursue her interests in sustainable design practices.
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Ganesh Meena
Ganesh is pursuing Bachelor’s in architecture from NIT, Jaipur. He is currently in his fourth year and has joined Architecture BRIO to finish his professional training..He hopes to achieve a greater understanding, with experimenting with both form, material and structure.

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Navya Khurana
Navya is an undergraduate architecture student at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. She is presently in her Fourth Year and has joined Architecture BRIO to complete her professional training. She hopes to explore her keen interest in experimenting with the boundaries of material and craftsmanship.
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Aishwarya Shyamala
Aishwarya Shyamala is currently pursuing her bachelor’s of architecture, from the School of Planning and Architecture, Hyderabad, Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University. She has completed her thesis and research on the impact of architecture at an urban level and the design of a riverfront cultural center. She has joined Architecture BRIO as a part of her academic internship program with a keen interest to learn and explore the design process in the practical world.
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Himani Bindal
Himani is pursuing her Bachelor of Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. Her academic background is defined by a focus on the creation of physical expression of the life of a community in space and time. As part of her curriculum, she joined Architecture BRIO as an intern to further explore these ideas. She hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the physical making of a building, with experimentation with both form and material.
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Helee Doshi
Born and brought up in Mumbai, Helee Doshi is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Architecture from School of Environment and Architecture (SEA). She has been a keen learner and has also interned at Architecture BRIO during her summer breaks, making models and developing her understanding about buildings, landscape, topography in the process. Helee now has joined the studio as a part of her training program and to further sharpen her skill sets in architectural interiors and design detailing.

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Priyanka Srikrishna
Born and brought up in Bangalore, Priyanka graduated from BMS College of Engineering. After completing her final year thesis titled ‘Centre for Marine Conservation and Rehabilitation’ that deals with the challenges of building in a sensitive habitat, she moved to Sri Lanka to intern with Amila De Mel and continued to work for 2 years thereafter. She had the opportunity to work on commercial, residential, landscape and community development projects and enjoyed designing in the tropical context. On her return, she joined Architecture BRIO to further develop her interest for detailing and hopes to explore unconventional materials, building methods and design.

Harsh Soneji
Harsh finished his Bachelors in Architecture from Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai in the city where he grew up. He completed his thesis and research on community housing for Kumbharwada in Dharavi. After graduation he interned with Studio Mumbai Architects and continued to work for a year. There he worked on commercial, residential and modeling prototyping where he enjoyed on hand site experience. He is inspired by traditional style of architecture and wishes to perpetuate this art-from through his work. He joined Architecture BRIO with a keen interest to learn and explore the varied use of materials in a context based design.


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