Otto Infinito Has Opened

restaurant interior Otto infinito
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Otto Infinito has opened its doors in Mumbai. Here is a little bit more about the creation of the restaurant concept.

The restaurant concept was designed and created by Architecture BRIO together with the team of KA Hospitality. Seven Mediterranean countries, plus the addition of the ancestor India, have served as an endless and infinite inspiration to cuisines worldwide. Hence the name of the restaurant was born: Otto InfinitoOtto = “Eight” and Infinito = “Infinite“. the Infinite Eight great culinary countries.” – Concept Chef Gianfranco Chiarini

With innovation and health as the basis of the menu, Otto Infinito promises to become the ultimate Mediterranean culinary experience in Mumbai.


The interior of Otto Infinito has a calm and serene ambience with earthiness and an honesty of materials (much like the ingredients of the food). Its main purpose is to support the quality and freshness of the food. A semi-vaulted interior gives a sense of enclosure and introversion. A centrally positioned bar and food display counter creates intimacy in the otherwise large space and a variation in scenes. The two flanks of the restaurant are recessed into the wall because they allow for a variety of seating types.

Material Palette

The material palette comprises primarily of yellow travertine, teak wood and copper. The yellow came from the colour of mediterranean spices. Because travertine is a quintessential building material in the mediterranean, it seemed a natural choice for the interior. Tables and chairs were conceptualized in natural teak wood, because it adds warmth and earthiness to the restaurant interior. Copper is a material used in actual cooking and storing in mediterranean kitchens. Therefore it became the choice for the architectural accents such as light fittings and details running along the restaurant interior. Furthermore, the colour blue became a bold compliment to the yellow travertine. Its inclusion in the interior was inspired by mediterranean ceramics.

Al Fresco Dining

In addition to the main restaurant is an alfresco dining area. It is an outdoor terrace dotted with mediterranean palms and umbrella canopies. The restaurant interior aims to offer a relaxed chic ambience. The clean lines permit a neutral space which support the quality and freshness of food. It focuses on the food to be the centrepiece of the experience.

Restaurant interior seating area

Dining Area

restaurant interior Otto infinito

Central Cooking Island