Otto Infinito

restaurant interior Otto infinito
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Otto Infinito

The restaurant interior of this project fuses eight cuisines in a contemporary aesthetic through a minimalist material palette. Eight Mediterranean countries; France, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco, plus the addition of the ancestor, India; have served as an endless and infinite inspiration to more and more cuisines worldwide, and hence the name of the restaurant was born: Otto Infinito.  Otto = “Eight” and Infinito = “Infinite”; the Infinite Eight great culinary countries.” – Concept Chef Gianfranco Chiarini.

And of course, the restaurant opens at 8 AM as well. Pass through a lush boulevard of date palm trees to come upon the entrance of Otto Infinito. Upon entering, you’ll discover a calm and serene restaurant interior with earthiness and an honesty of materials, a reflection of the ingredients of the food. A semi-vaulted interior gives a sense of enclosure and introverted-ness. A centrally positioned bar and food display counter creates intimacy in the otherwise large space and a variation in scenes. The two flanks of the restaurant are recessed into the wall and allow for a variety of seating types.

Project Data

Project Name

Otto Infinito




Public, Spatial Experience, Light




500 sq.m.



restaurant interior Otto infinito

Wine counter

restaurant interior Otto infinito

Display counter

restaurant interior Otto infinito

Booth seats

restaurant interior Otto infinito

Dining area

Floor Plan of Restaurant BKC Mumbai


Section of Restaurant BKC Mumbai

Section AA

Section of Restaurant BKC Mumbai

Section EE

Restaurant interior - seating area

Dining area at night

Restaurant interior - Otto Infinito

Dining Area

Restaurant interior seating area

Lounge at night

Restaurant interior - Otto Infinito

Lounge seating