Buildings with a mixed-use program

powerHYDE self financing carbon negative home for homeless families

BillionBricks Homes

BillionBricks Homes is the world’s first carbon negative, self financing home for the homeless. It address the scarcity of homes across rural communities and the impossibility of access to financing. It is a radical concept in housing designed for ‘energy sufficiency’ and ‘extreme affordability’. The structure of the house is built in an indigenous prefab assembly technique that makes it easy to assemble in remote locations.

density housing Goa

Cliffadel Housing

This housing scheme in Goa is set within the hills along the Mormugao Bay, neighbouring the Nauxim village, and is gifted by nature with unobstructed views of the Zuari river. Its looped, courtyard housing typology shapes two communal gardens. From here, nature is allowed to continue upwards onto the roofscape, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The scheme is deigned as a dense yet diverse ribbon, expressing both craftmanship and geometric rigour.

skate park mumbai

SkatePark and Promenade Carter Road

The Carter Road SkatePark adds a vibrant and refreshing new public space to the city of Bombay. It has brought together old and young, beginners and experienced skaters as well. Being the the first skate park in Bombay it has played an important role in attracting new skaters to help grow the skating community of India.

Entrance of Administration Building in Latur, India

Administration Building

An administration and facilities centre for a sugarcane factory is covered by a large sawtooth roof of 94m x 34m acts. Solar photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 500 kW electricity, cover both sides of the roof slopes. The roof acts as a canopy and frame referencing the silhouette of the factory. It houses a reception, administrative functions as well as a canteen and recreational facilitates.

School of Planning and Architecture school design

School of Planning and Architecture

The design proposal for the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi, is rooted in the belief that space for recreation is essential in a city. The design of the ‘Open Campus’ uses multidirectional building blocks, giving one the possibility to move from one arbitrary spot in to another arbitrary spot in the master plan through numerous different routes.

view perspective


Triade is envisioned as a gateway to the central heart of the town of Enschede, the Netherlands. The mixed-use development ensures a socially sustainable development of the town, retaining the existing fabric and nature and providing housing, work spaces, community facilities and open spaces to better the lives of new and existing residents.