Shefali Balwani at the 2018 Kurula Varkey Design Forum

Design Forum KVDF Lecture Poster
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Shefali Balwani presents at The Kurula Varkey Design Forum. The annual event is hosted by the Students of Architecture, since 2001 at CEPT University.

This year the focus of the design forum is to generate discourses on how ideas are manifested through built forms. The projects become the main dialogue generators on the academic front of the architectural community. The forum comprises of a series of student and panellist presentations based on the three themes formulated by the jury, followed by a common discussion. For every session, six selected entries under each theme, will present for ten minutes and panellists will share their insights through the student’s projects to catalyze the discussion. The common discussion will be a culmination of these ideas. These sessions will be followed by panellist’s lectures. There will be a Forum Culmination Discussion at the end of the event, which will be a round of interaction curated between the invited panellists and students, to summarise the discussions in the event.

This time 112 entries have been received. To view all shortlisted entries, click here.