Bandra Collective initiates Pedestrian Friendly Linking Road

Architects in Bandra Collective
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Concerned with the quality of public spaces in Bandra, six architects in Bandra, called the Bandra Collective initiated a proposal that tackles several issues culminiating on a stretch of public space on traffic congested Linking Road. In one proposal the unsafe pedestrian situation, road blockages due to overspilling pedestrian traffic and the visibility and accesibility of a major public park in Bandra is improved.

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Mumbai: 3-10-2016

Bandra’s Linking Road, the bargain-hunter’s paradise is all set for a revamp. Last week, the BMC passed a proposal forwarded by the H West ward office to realign 97 licensed stalls in such a way that the crowded shopping stretch will be decongested within the next six months. 
Currently, all the stalls are positioned in a manner that forces shoppers to walk on the busy motorway, not only endangering their safety but also leading to traffic snarls. Under the proposal, the BMC is weighing two options: either rearrange the shops in the same space or remove the traffic island on the road to create more space. Shoppers coming to Linking Road will walk on the space which houses stalls currently. The fine print of both options is being finalized. 

Bandra Collective

Sharad Ughade, assistant municipal commissioner of H West ward, said planners have been working on the proposal for the last three months. “We have received significant inputs from the architects in Bandra and Indian Education Society’s college. Currently, all the stalls are in such a manner that Patwardhan Park, a public garden, cannot be seen at all. The realignment will make the garden’s entry clearly visible,” said Ughade. 
“Due to congestion in the area, BEST buses find it problematic to halt. The plan therefore is that all the licensed stalls and pitches will be accommodated in a 50m precinct. We want to bring in uniformity in all the stalls. Hence their height and width will be the same,” he added. 
Bandra legislator Ashish Shelar said he has raised the issue with civic chief Ajoy Mehta. “There is need to decongest the area and also see to it that shoppers coming there are not walking on the road, which leads to motorists honking,” he added.