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By Design

Led by AD50 architects Robert Verrijt and Shefali Balwani of Architecture BRIO, the apartment interior design of this home is a breathtaking blend of the old and the new. Although most of their best-known work is quite modern, this home instantly tells of their versatility.  The spaces remain true to themselves, with every room wearing its personality on its sleeve. Simultaneously, the delicate use of art and heirlooms strikes a fine balance with the grounded nature of the structure.
There are countless cliches that have found their way into ideas about what makes a house a home. Some will say it is its history; some will argue it is a function of comfort; and others will go on about the art of building a home. But it’s easy to talk about art. Talk, instead, about the disappearing act of good design. Good design isn’t allowed the excuses of personalities and points of view; it encourages one to create an environment that optimizes the individual aesthetic and functionality of all that exists in and around it. Simply put: good design disappears. It doesn’t sit on a gallery wall, begging to be gasped at, discussed, critiqued; it is the chair on which you sit, comfortable enough to concentrate on the piece of art on the wall, which you then gasp at, discuss, critique. Dorothy and Nikki Wagle’s beautiful duplex flat on the 51st floor of a high-rise in Tardeo is just that: an environment built around carefully curated instances of good design, great taste, and overwhelming warmth. What may, while you wait at the door, seem like extravagant decadence waiting to overwhelm you welcomes you into a home ripe with pleasant surprises.